Spring Lawn and Back Yard Care! - DIY Tools by GreatCircleUSA


 A quick lawn mowing which was more fun ever! :)


   A quick mow can transform your yard from unkempt to uniform in no time. As long as the grass is not too wet from a recent rain or morning condensation, it should be the first step in your last-minute yard cleanup. Be sure you wear protective eyewear and clothing, and never cut more than 1/3 of the grass height at one time.

   After mowing, trim and edge your yard to give it a clean and finished look. will save you time because it can be used to both trim grass anyplace your mower can’t reach and create a clean edge along flowerbeds, sidewalks, and patios. Simply flip the cutting head from a horizontal position to vertical. With both capabilities in your hand at once, you can get the entire yard spruced up faster.

   Finally, you’ll want to use a blower to clear any remaining debris or clippings from your patio, deck, and sidewalks. This extra touch is what sets a professionally landscaped yard apart from the rest because it completely clears the surfaces where your guests will spend the most time, giving your yard a truly manicured look.